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Terms & conditions

We only inform the concerned tutors/teachers for any teaching /tuition vacancy through a phone.More details are provided depending upon teacher’s interest.Every tutor/teacher will be charged 50% of his/her only first month’s tuitions fees/salary.Tutors/teachers are advised not to pass on any information to anyone regarding tuition/teaching vacancy or any other information.

We expect the tutor/teacher not to provide any misleading information /documents to the Study Point Academy.

No time limit is given to the tutor/teacher for desired teaching vacancy/tuition. Mostly our highly qualified and competent teachers get their assignment within a short period of time.

The Study Point Academy can immediately take legal action against those applicants whom it believes, in its sole discretion, are not fulfilling any of the rules and regulations of the academy.After receiving your data (registration form), the Study Point Academy will assess the information given by you and will conduct an interview (either in person or over the phone) of those applicants who fulfill the academy’s requirements.A quick response by the tutor or teacher before finalizing the deal will be highly appreciated. In case of no or late reply, the registration can be canceled.

The incomplete registration form shall not be entertained.

Applying for any subject confirms your consent for acceptance of terms & conditions.

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